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What do I need to open a Great World Casino account?
How do I get more cash into my casino account?

Easy. Please go through Open Account and complete all information. Be sure to read our Rules. To obtain more chips simply go back to CASHIER and add chips to your existing Account. Use only the address to which your credit card statement is mailed, or your order may be automatically declined by BANK for non-matching address. Winnings will only be sent to the same address.
Caution: During the online sign up process, you will be asked to select an Account Name and Password. Be sure to write them down and keep them safe.

ALL INFORMATION IS CASE SENSITIVE SO THE "AceUp1234" is not the same as "ACEup1234.

How do I close my casino account?

Your Account will automatically close, if you do not log into Our casino for more than 60 days. Warning, in such event, any chips remaining in your Account will be forfeited.
We suggest that you withdraw any remaining funds from your Account in the event you do not intend to play within the sixty day period.

My Account Name/Password doesn't work

Please remember that Account Names and Passwords are CaSe SensItiVe so that "AceUp123" is not the same as "ACeUp123".
If you are sure that you are using the correct Account Name and Password, and they are not working, please Contact Us and we'll look up the correct information for you as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, feel free to activate a new Account at Open Account --this time making written note of your Account Name and Password. Then, let us know that you've opened a new Account and we'll transfer your old Account balance to into your new Account.

My Account Name/Password is Stolen or Lost

If you believe that your Account Name was stolen, please Contact Us. Your Account will be cancelled and replaced immediately. Additionally, we'll investigate the matter fully and forward any improprieties to the appropriate authorities and credit card companies to help the fight against Internet fraud.
If you have lost your Account Name or Password, please Contact Us and we will assist you.

IN THE MEANTIME, please do not hesitate to go to Open Account and activate a new Account so that you can begin playing again now. Then let us know your new Account Name and request a transfer of your old Account balance to your new Account so that we may make appropriate adjustments.


Incorrect Account Balance

Do you think the computer did not pay you the right amount?
Do you think chips disappeared from your Account?

Please tell us exactly what happened--and when (date/time). Rest assured that we'll promptly research the matter fully and correct any discrepancies immediately.

Please note that if for some reason your connection to the system is interrupted, or all the graphics don't load in, the system still pays according to your last action in that game. If the game was not yet finished, then the system continues the game where you left off when you LOGIN to the games again.


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