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Lock Ups, Knock Outs, Errors & Non Loading Graphics

Firstly, please report all Lock Ups, Knock Outs and any Error Messages that you encounter to our Customer Service Department (the more details you provide, the better). We have a full support department that is always ready to help you and we'll make sure you are properly taken care of.
Rest assured that the system doesn't steal and you'll be fully compensated for any difficulties that you encounter. If you were knocked off, kicked out or received an error message while playing, don't worry; that game and your most recent play will be waiting for you when you LOGIN again.
Generally, lock ups, kick outs and error messages are caused by a weak Internet connection between you and us, or your browser is misconfigured. To best configure you browser for overall Internet use, see Best Browser Configuration and check out our Internet Connection Guide for tips on how to check your ISP's connection to the world wide web.

If none of the JAVA graphics are loading and you are using a JAVA ENABLED browser, then your JAVA may not be on. See Turning JAVA On. If some or non of the HTML graphics are loading, then again, this is most likely due to a misconfigured browser or poor internet connection between you and us.

Please give the above suggestions a try. If you are still having difficulties, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Best Browsers and OS Configurations

Our casino offers No Download HTML Games and No Download JAVA Games. Our download version offers the best graphics and sounds for the greatest gaming experience.
Our HTML Games can be played with any operating system with an Internet Browser. It's totally easy to play and use. If you can read this page with your system, then you can play our HTML Games without any download or configuration. Just log on and begin to play with MAC, Win98, WinNT, WebTV, AOL, Netscape, Internet Explorer, whatever!!!

Our JAVA Games are No Download also, and can be played with MAC, Win98, and WinNT, but REQUIRE A JAVA ENABLED browser such as Netscape 4.0+, Internet Explorer 4.0+ or AOL 4.0+ (AOL is quirky and not recommended for best performance). WebTV is NOT Java Enabled but will be soon.

We recommend our JAVA Games because they offer better sound and graphics than the HTML version. The JAVA Games are incredible and are among the Net's most state of the art applets, both in programming and design standards.

For best performance both on the HTML and JAVA Games, you should always use the most current version of Netscape and/or Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is true for Our casino as well as most Internet Sites since most web designers and programmers create specifically to these browsers. AOL is not recommended as it is known to freeze and cause other complications.

To install the most recent version of Netscape and/or Microsoft Internet Explorer, please click one of the following links and follow the installation instructions.

Internet Explorer

Your operating system should have a screen setting of at least 800 x 600. See Best Screen Settings for more details.

That's all you need. To begin playing, simply go to Open Account and sign up. VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.

Why is the System or the Internet slow today?

Our casino uses state of the art hardware and software and its capacity is constantly being updated to handle the every growing number of its players without delay. We always try to maintain more capacity than demand.
Slowness is a function of the Internet, not Our casino's capacity. Recently, the Internet has experienced tremendous gridlock and congestion. The Internet's capacity is also growing but not as fast as demand. Therefore, to the extent that you are experiencing slowness, the following is suggested:

When visiting websites that contain many graphics, avoid peak Internet use hours which is generally around your lunch time and after dinner hours.

Make sure your browser is configured correctly to prevent errors or partially loading graphics. See Best Browser Configuration.

If you intend to visit many websites that contain many graphics, make sure that your Internet Service Provider is as good as it can be. Ask them about their available bandwidth per customer during peak hours and also ask how many "hops" they are from the Internet backbone.

Many ISPs have good bandwidth on the average, but not during peak hours when there are many users online sharing a limited bandwidth; especially if many of the users are viewing graphics.

The Internet is exactly like roads and freeways: How many streets do you need to turn on, and how many cars can be on each on those streets (and each car's size) determines how fast you get where you are going so it is very important that you have a good ISP with big roads not little ones, especially if you are visiting websites that contain many graphics. Graphics are large files and are like driving a MAC truck which are ideal on big open highways, but not tiny little streets.

JAVA vs. HTML and General Requirements

Our casino offers both HTML and JAVA games which can both be played using the same Account Name.
Our HTML games can be played by any user with access to the Internet through ANY browser and ANY operating system; WebTV, MAC, AOL, whatever!!! If you can read this page, then you can play our HTML games without waiting to download anything!!! The HTML games are fun and exciting to play; however for even more magical Hi-Fi sound and 3D graphics we strongly suggest you play our JAVA games!

Our JAVA games have the most amazing Hi-Fi sound and 3D graphics and are 100% state of the art! Our JAVA games are also NO DOWNLOAD, but do require that your browser be JAVA-ENABLED, such as Netscape 4.0+ (or higher), Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ and AOL 4.0+ (although AOL is still quirky and not recommended for best performance). WebTV is not JAVA-ENABLED and cannot be used to play our JAVA games yet, but can play our HTML games!!!

If you are using JAVA ENABLED browser and you get a blank page, then your JAVA may be turned off, for instructions on how to turn it on, read below. Generally, you can play our JAVA games as long as your browser is JAVA ENABLED regardless of your operating system, and if not - you can always play our HTML games.

Both the HTML and JAVA games were designed for screen settings of at least 800 x 600 so that you do not have to scroll up/down or left/right to see all the graphics. Most new computers and WebTV come pre installed with the 800 x 600 settings.

Enabling JAVA on your Browser

To use our JAVA games, you must use a JAVA ENABLED BROWSER such as Netscape 4.0+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ or AOL 4.0+ (AOL is known to freeze and is not recommended for best performance).
If you are using a JAVA ENABLED browser and you get a blank screen when attempting to play our JAVA games, then you need to TURN ON YOUR JAVA by following the below instructions.

For Netscape, choose "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu. Then click on "Advanced" and verify that the "Enable Java" and "Enable Java Script" boxes are checked. Afterwards, exit preferences and close your browser window and re start your browser.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer, choose "Internet Options" from the "View" menu. Then, click on the "Advanced" tab and verify that the "Java JIT compiler enabled" box is checked. Afterwards, exit options, close your browser and restart your browser.

Best Screen Settings

Both our HTML and JAVA systems were designed to fit into the 800 x 600 screen setting so that you don't need to scroll up/down or left/right to play our games. Most new computers come pre installed with the 800 x 600 screen setting.
Not only does Our casino work better with the 800 x 600 setting, but so do most other websites, since the larger your screen setting, the more you can see without scrolling.

Screen settings are determined by your operating system, not your browser. Locate your screen setting panel within your operating system to adjust the setting.

For Win95/98 operating systems:
Click the "Start" button
Then click "Settings"
Then click "Control Panel"
Then, click on the "Display" icon (looks like your monitor)
Then click "Settings"
Look at the "Screen Area" in the lower right had corner of the "Display" window and make sure it is set to at least 800 x 600.

For other operating systems, locate your "Screen Area" or "Screen Setting" functions by searching your operating system's HELP MENU to find the exact location.

How do I clear my browser's cache?

For Netscape Communicator 4.0+:
Go to Edit window
Click on Preferences
Under Category, click on the + sign next to Advanced
The word cache will then pop up, click on it
Click on Clear Disk Cache
For Netscape 2.0+:

Go to Options window
Click Network Preferences
Under Cache, there will be a Clear Disk Cache Now button, click it to empty the cache
For WebTV:

Go to WebTV Options
Click Reload